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Rodent Identification

There are thousands of rodent species across the globe, but just four main ones here in Anaheim. Learn about the common types of rodents in our area here.

Rats and mice are incredibly similar, but they have a few differentiating behaviors that can help you tell them apart. Discover what type of rodent you have with these tips.

Rodents will live anywhere with plenty of food, shelter, and water – but, there are a few places they’re more likely to invade. Find out where rats and mice live here.

From spreading disease to chewing on electrical wires, there are several ways that mice and rats can damage your property or health. Learn about the dangers of mice here.

Though rodents tend to avoid conflict, they will still bite if they feel scared or trapped. Learn more about rodent bites and what to do if you are bitten.

Rodents are infamous worldwide for spreading potentially fatal diseases. But what diseases do they carry here in Anaheim? Find out from our experts here.

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