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Trusted Pest Control For Your Home

At Econex Pest Management, our exterminators specialize in pest control for residential spaces across Anaheim

Reliable Residential Pest Control Services

Serving Riverside County and Orange County CA

No one means to open their homes up to an infestation of insects or rodents. Pests like these may seem small, but if they get comfortable they can turn into a big problem. An infestation in the home can put not only your family at risk but the structure of your property itself. So when our technicians at Econex Pest Management work, it’s to both eradicate pests and keep them from returning.

Econex Pest Management’s pest management will differ depending on the needs of the resident. With 24 years of experience, as well as regular inspections and preventative measures, we can keep you pest free all year round.

Pest-Free Living with Econex Pest Management

Since opening in 1998, our talented team has been servicing the homes of our friends and neighbors throughout Riverside County CA. We focus on prevention, removal, and exclusion to customize a plan our clients can be 100% satisfied with. Econex Pest Management has an in-depth understanding of the local pests that invade homes in the Anaheim area. 

Maybe you want to get the ants out of your kitchen, or you want to prevent rodents from getting into your garage. You might need crawl space moisture control or insulation for your residential property. No matter the problem, if pests are pestering our team knows how to help.

Residential Pest Control Serving Yorba Linda & Anaheim

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