• They are amazing!
    They are amazing. So friendly and easy to work with. Ricky, our tech is kind and helpful. The office staff is very efficient and responsive.

    - Cheryl D.

  • I love our technician Anthony.
    This is a great company, they pay attention to Customer service and go the extra mile. I love our technician Anthony. He has helped with small ant issues but is great with the maintenance.

    - Brigide D.

  • I'd recommend this company to anyone.
    I'd recommend this company to anyone.  Especially Anthony, who comes out and services out property. We have a huge lot and other companies don't do as well. They come out once a month

    - Melisse C.

  • I am completely satisfied with the cost and service.
    Jon-Michael, my service tech, was amazing! He provided a thorough overview of what he saw and what I needed based on observations to my new home. Additionally, he walked me through how to reset my sprinkler system which was causing the uptick in mosquitoes and bees in my backyard. He was so complimentary and quick, and just a genuinely nice person! I hope that he can continue to service my area and home. Also, the chemicals they used did not leave any sort of residue or smell either inside or out. I am completely satisfied with the cost and service.

    - Chanda P.

  • The online invoices and auto pay are so easy to manage.
    Our service technician, Matt Brown, is awesome!  He is friendly, thorough, and professional.  We like having the same person month to month as our representative.  The online invoices and auto pay are so easy to manage.

    - Linda C.

  • Pleasant to work with!
    Randy was pleasant to work with! I really appreciated his patience with me and my schedule that morning. He was thorough about explaining the procedures for applying the pesticide both inside and out.

    - Aneika S.

  • The product they use is safe for the environment and our dog.
    Andy always sends a message ahead of time to let me know he is coming. He is very friendly and respectful of our space. The product they use is safe for the environment and our dog.

    - Tayrn G

  • Very thorough and very impressed with this business.
    I have been using Econex for the better part of 5 years already, and I am surprised it took me this long to write a review for this business.  I am highly impressed with their service.  Anytime there is even a slight issue after they come out, they immediately address it.  Great customer service.

    Eliceo came out the last time to address an ant invasion, and spent an hour at my house.  Very thorough and very impressed with this business.

    - Tom C.

  • The products they use are all organic
    They come to our home every 2 months and it has been so wonderful to not have spiders or pincher bugs inside and outside my home. The products they use are all organic so there is no odor left behind. Also, I see one insect they have a guarantee that they will come back out to your property and take care of the issue. The are very professional and wear masks and booties when on your property.

    - Yanet V.

  • Friendly, efficient and effective service.
    Andy is a great technician.  He is very responsive and detailed.  Friendly, efficient and effective service.

    - Gabriela G.

  • Impressed with their communication and professionalism
    Econex randomly ringed our doorbell asking if we need pest service. Usually I tell people I'm not interested but their service and price seemed very fair. Plus we have ants, spiders, and rodents so why not give it a try. So far they only came twice and they were very professional and friendly. It's too early to tell if the insects and rodents are gone but I was just impressed with their communication and professionalism, especially with our technician Jake.

    - Charles W.

  • I am very happy with my choice!
    I contacted this company to come over and spray my home for ants, crickets, and spiders. Justin was very professional and informative. He even took the time to take spider webs out of all the eaves. I am very happy with my choice of pest control company. He wore a mask and shoe coverings too.

    - Julie G.

  • Very satisfied. Highly recommend.

    I'm very satisfied with this company.  They sent me a proposal electronically which was super convenient.  It detailed the work they were going to perform, a payment and work schedule, and you can sign it right from the web.  

    They are competitively priced compared to other companies that perform the same services.  I also like that they auto-charge me for the payments so I don't have to think about it.  But I'm still able to cancel any time.

    The technician, John-Michael, that came to my house was very attentive.  He was very nice to talk to.  He took his time to answer my questions.  He wore a mask inside the house.  He also wore shoe coverings inside the house.  He did his work while I worked in my office.  

    Very satisfied.  Highly recommend.

    - Job H.

  • Environmental friendly chemicals and awesome customer service!
    I recently bought a new home and wanted to keep unwanted pests out of my house and garage while also minimizing pests outside in the front and backyard.  The two most important features I used to pick a pest control company were environmental friendly chemicals and awesome customer service.   Econex  was a perfect match!!! They even practice safe social distancing (with masks) when they interaction with homeowner's! (also very important since we are still seeing an increase in Covid-19 cases).  Also, the chemicals they used inside of my house (when needed) ate very safe  and do not carry an odor.

    - Rashan W.