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As the rhythm of seasons changes, so does the pest landscape, and with it comes the persistent challenge of unwanted visitors infiltrating your home or business. At Econex Pest Management, we recognize the seasonal ebb and flow of pests seeking food and shelter indoors. Our solution? Seasonal pest control services that are meticulously designed to counteract this ever-shifting pest behavior. With a deep understanding of pest life cycles, our treatment plans are strategically timed to coincide with heightened pest activity to protect your space all year long.

Want to keep your property pest-free*? Call the licensed exterminators at Econex Pest Management to get started!

What is Seasonal Pest Control?

Seasonal pest control offers a proactive approach to managing pest infestations throughout the year. By aligning our services with the life cycles and behaviors of certain pests during different seasons, we can identify and treat issues before they become a major problem for your property. By identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate, seasonal pest control helps prevent severe infestations, reducing the need for extensive and costly treatments later on.

Seasonal Pest Control for YOUR HOME

Spring and Summer Pests in Anaheim

In California, spring and summer bring about various pests due to the warmer temperatures and increased outdoor activities. Some common pests during these seasons include:

  • Ants: Argentine ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants are prevalent during warmer months, seeking water and food indoors.
  • Mosquitoes: With standing water from irrigation or rain, mosquitoes breed prolifically, posing health risks due to potential diseases they may carry.
  • Termites: Subterranean termites are active in warm, moist conditions, causing damage to wooden structures.
  • Fleas and Ticks: These pests thrive in warmer weather, potentially affecting pets and even humans, especially in outdoor areas.
  • Bees and Wasps: Their activity peaks in spring and summer as they establish nests, posing stinging threats.
  • Earwigs: During spring, earwigs reproduce, which can rapidly increase their population and increase your odds of experiencing an infestation.

Managing these pests often requires a combination of preventive measures, such as sealing entry points, eliminating standing water, maintaining cleanliness, and, if needed, seeking professional pest control services.

Fall and Winter Pests

Winters in Anaheim may not be as cold as some other regions, but they still come with their own set of pest challenges. A few of the most common fall and winter pests in our area include:

  • Rodents: Rats and mice seek shelter indoors during colder months while searching for warmth and food.
  • Spiders: While some spiders die off in cold temperatures, others will search for warm areas where they can survive the winter.
  • Bed Bugs: Although not necessarily seasonal, increased travel during the holiday season can inadvertently spread bed bugs.
  • Occasional Invaders: Pests such as earwigs, silverfish, and centipedes might move indoors to escape cooler outdoor temperatures.

To prevent these pests from invading your home during winter, it’s crucial to seal entry points, maintain cleanliness, and reduce access to food and water sources. Additionally, regular inspections and maintenance can help mitigate potential infestations during the colder months.

Seasonal Pest Control for YOUR BUSINESS

Reliable Pest Control for Every Season

If you want to keep your property pest-free* throughout the year, Econex Pest Management is here to help. Whether it’s battling the surge of ants and mosquitoes in the warmth of spring and summer or fortifying against rodents seeking shelter in the colder months, our skilled technicians are equipped with expertise and strategic solutions. Since 1998, our team has proudly served home and business owners throughout Anaheim. Want to experience the Econex Pest Management difference? Call us today to get started!

Econex Pest Management Reviews

Jon-Michael, my service tech, was amazing! He provided a thorough overview of what he saw and what I needed based on observations to my new home. Additionally, he walked me through how to reset my sprinkler system which was causing the uptick in mosquitoes and bees in my backyard. He was so complimentary and quick, and just a genuinely nice person! I hope that he can continue to service my area and home. Also, the chemicals they used did not leave any sort of residue or smell either inside or out. I am completely satisfied with the cost and service.

– Chanda P.

Pest Control You Can Trust

At Econex Pest Management, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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