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At Econex Pest Management, we are proud to be certified in Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. But what is IPM, and what can it bring to your home or business? When it comes to pest control techniques, this school of practice is the industry leader in stopping infestations before they begin. If a company wishes to eradicate pests of all kinds without creating a negative impact on the environment, this can be done using the practices of IPM.

Our technicians are IPM experts, and they use their skill set to the benefit of your home or business.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

IPM was designed initially for use in agricultural settings, which required pest control techniques that wouldn’t harm their crops or food production. Since then, however, the institute has expanded to be used throughout the entire pest control industry. They’ve become the most trusted practice for pest control in not only homes, but also schools, warehouses, restaurants, and other sensitive areas. Integrated Pest Management is eco-friendly and backed by science, and it focuses on preventative and environmentally-sound practices whenever possible.

Benefits of IPM Pest Control

In a bygone era, most forms of pest control involved vacating and tenting your home for a few days at a time. While that’s still a solution, with IPM pest control it is no longer the only option. Integrated Pest Management is trusted in the pest control industry for a variety of reasons.

Some of the practice’s benefits include: 

  • Protection from pest-based allergens and excessive exposure to pesticides. 
  • A combination of inspections, monitoring, and reporting to create a custom program for prevention and control.
  • Services that meet the needs of your property. 
  • A higher initial cost, but lower maintenance fees compared to alternative solutions


Econex Pest Management’s IPM Promise

More than anything else, the team at Econex Pest Management wants to provide you with services that work for you and the people that matter to you. It’s why IPM is considered one of our core and guiding principles. We want to offer services that are safe, effective, and economical as well as eco-friendly. All of that is possible with the guidance we take from the Integrated Pest Management Institute. To learn more, contact us today!

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