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Do natural rat repellents work?

From home decor to minor repairs, there are a lot of things that you can DIY around the house. Unfortunately, when it comes to rodent prevention, many all-natural or homemade remedies are less than effective. While natural rat repellents can help deter unwanted pests, they won’t be enough if you already have an infestation or if there are other things attracting rodents to your property. It’s always best to work with a licensed professional or implement Integrated Pest Management techniques to keep rodents away.

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How to Keep Rodents Away Naturally

While DIY rodent repellents aren’t terribly effective on their own, that doesn’t mean you have to rely on chemical solutions to prevent infestations. In fact, there are a lot of all-natural ways to keep mice and rats out of your space, including:

  • Sealing off potential entry points with caulk or mesh 
  • Storing leftovers in airtight containers
  • Disposing of trash in tightly lidded bins
  • Clearing out clutter, such as old storage boxes
  • Cleaning up dishes immediately after meals
  • Maintaining a neat and tidy yard

Best Natural Mouse Repellents

If you’ve already implemented the rodent prevention tips above, it doesn’t hurt to add a natural rodent repellent for a little extra protection. While these homemade solutions aren’t proven to completely deter infestations, here are some of the most popular DIY rodent repellents:

  • Essential oils such as lemon, citronella, lavender, or peppermint
  • A mixture of equal parts vinegar and ammonia
  • Fragrant foods like garlic, onion, hot sauce, or coffee grounds

Dependable Rodent Prevention

If you want lasting peace of mind against rats or mice, then professional extermination services are your best bet. At Econex Pest Management, we strive to deliver reliable results while using environmentally responsible techniques. That’s why we rely on Integrated Pest Management, which always prioritizes all-natural pest prevention over chemical solutions. Our experts have over 24 years of experience serving Anaheim, so we’re equipped to handle even the biggest pest challenge. If you want to keep your space rodent-free, call us today!

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