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Homeowners grapple with various challenges in creating a comfortable and secure living space, with pest infestations and the quest for energy-efficient insulation being crucial concerns. TAP® (Thermal Acoustical Pest Control) emerges as the solution to effectively address both issues. Its use of environmentally friendly materials and long-lasting pest control capabilities has led to its increasing popularity among homeowners.

Econex Pest Management is pleased to offer this high-quality product to the residents of Anaheim, serving as an exemplary home insulation solution and a formidable pest prevention method. Allow us to be your local certified installer of TAP® Insulation.

What is TAP® Pest Control Insulation?

TAP® (Thermal Acoustical Pest Control), commonly referred to as TAP, is a cutting-edge home insulation product designed to fulfill multiple roles. Beyond efficiently managing a home’s temperature and providing sound insulation, it acts as a formidable force in pest prevention, deterring termites and other insects. 

The environmentally conscious choice of TAP® insulation, crafted from recycled paper and treated with eco-friendly borate compounds, minimizes reliance on chemical pest control techniques. This commitment to sustainability makes TAP® a valuable contributor to a healthier and more eco-friendly planet.

What Types of Pests Does TAP® Help Prevent?  

TAP® doesn’t just stop at insulation, It goes the extra mile by preventing and controlling pests, such as:

The Advantages of TAP® Insulation

The foundation of a pest-free* home is laid with quick and proactive actions. Here are some advantages of TAP® insulation:

  • Thermal: TAP keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Acoustics: TAP reduces noise.
  • Cost-Saving: TAP reduces heating and cooling bills by 20-40% and pays for itself over time.
  • Efficient: TAP is 32% more efficient than fiberglass insulation.
  • Fire Safety: TAP is more fire retardant than fiberglass insulation.
  • Pest Prevention: TAP helps prevent pests from entering your home. 
  • Eco-Friendly: TAP has earned an Energy STAR and is made from 87% recycled paper
  • Installation: TAP can be installed over existing insulation.
  • Warranty: TAP has a lifetime warranty.  

TAP® Pest Control Insulation Services in Anaheim

At Econex Pest Management, our commitment is to invest in reducing factors on your property that might lead to or worsen pest problems. Our home insulation services are specifically crafted to diminish the likelihood of pests in your home. TAP® Insulation is a strategic investment for both new and established structures. Our licensed technicians, proud of their expertise, are prepared to install it in your Anaheim home. Contact Econex Pest Management today for detailed information about TAP®!

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