Stink Bug


Actual Size: ¾”

Characteristics: Marbled gray or greenish-brown bodies.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: 2 pairs

Habitat: Usually found outside near trees. If they get indoors, they usually stay near sun-lit areas like windows.


  • They live up to their name by releasing a foul smell when frightened or crushed. 
  • May enter homes in large numbers when temperatures drop in the fall. 
  • Capable of causing serious damage to crops and fruit trees.

Stink Bugs in Anaheim

Stink bugs are big, oval-shaped insects found all over the United States. They’re called “stink bugs” because they release a smelly chemical from their belly to protect themselves from other creatures. Even though they mainly bother crops, like fruit and fruit trees, they can become a problem for homeowners in the fall. When it starts to get colder, they look for warmth and sometimes end up inside people’s houses. They really like the sunny side of buildings on nice fall days and try to find a cozy place to spend the winter. This can sometimes result in a lot of stink bugs invading homes.

Stink Bug Habitat

In nature, adult stink bugs spend the winter tucked away in crevices or under the peeling bark of aged or dead trees. As early autumn sets in, these stink bugs start scouting for cozy winter hideaways. When outdoors, you’ll often spot them on the sides of buildings, amidst fallen leaves, or among vegetation. However, when brown marmorated stink bugs invade homes, they tend to gather near doors, windows, and other entry points. They prefer snug hiding spots up high above the ground. These sneaky insects are often found in cracks beneath or behind baseboards, around window and door frames, and even near ceiling exhaust fans or lights. When spring arrives, these adults bid farewell to their winter refuges and head for host plants.

Stink Bug Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Stink bugs are harmless to people, houses, and pets as they neither bite or sting. However, they can still be a nuisance to home and business owners if they get inside. These insects are known for making noise and for their strong, unpleasant smell. Homeowners might get a bit startled when a bunch of stink bugs invade their homes. While they won’t reproduce indoors or cause serious property damage, they can release that pungent odor if you squish them or bother them, and it can leave stains on surfaces. Your local pest control professionals can help if you keep finding stink bugs in or around your home.