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When should rodent exclusion start in Anaheim?

Rodents are notoriously difficult to get rid of once they’ve invaded your property. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of rodent prevention. Unfortunately, these pests are also active year-round; rather than hibernating or dying off in the colder months, they try to sneak into our homes for shelter and food. If you want to keep rats and mice out of your space all year long, we recommend investing in rodent prevention every season – but particularly in the late summer, right before most infestations start.

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When is rodent season?

When temperatures start to drop in October or November, rats and mice start looking for a warm place to stay. For that reason, most people will discover new rodent activity in the fall or early winter. To prevent an infestation during this time of year, it’s best to start preparing in the late summer. Closing off potential entry points, cleaning out food sources, and taking other preventative measures could help you avoid unwanted house guests during the holiday season.

Why Do Rodents Infest our homes?

Nothing’s better than coming inside after spending a few hours out in the cold and rain – and rodents seem to agree! Our homes are warm and often full of plenty of food sources that rats or mice can take advantage of. If your space isn’t properly protected, your house will be the easiest source of food and shelter for them.

How to prepare for rodents in Anaheim

Rodent prevention is crucial, and thankfully it isn’t as difficult as treating an infestation. At least once per season, we recommend taking these steps to prevent rats or mice:

  • Close off potential entry points
  • Immediately clean up spills or dirty dishes
  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Keep trash in tightly lidded bins
  • Work with a rodent control professional

If you’ve tried everything and keep finding rodents or other pests around your property, it may be time to work with a licensed professional. They can help you identify any factors that are contributing to your infestation, and they’ll create a custom treatment plan to address your unique needs. Reach out today to learn more about how professional services can keep rodents out of your home or business!

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