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How to clean up after rodents

Once you’ve managed to trap or evict rodents from your home, the next task is tackling the mess they’ve left behind. Depending on how long they’ve been around and the way you’ve dealt with them, your cleanup might involve:

  • Getting rid of droppings and urine
  • Clearing out nests and surrounding dirt
  • Properly disposing of any deceased rodents

During this cleanup, it’s important to ensure your safety by protecting your skin and using disinfectants to thoroughly clean the affected areas.

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Cleaning Up Rodent Droppings and Urine

If you stumble upon rodent droppings or urine in your home, it’s crucial not to vacuum or sweep them up. Doing so can kick up dust and scatter the waste, potentially spreading harmful germs. Instead, here’s a safer way to clean up rodent droppings:

  1. Put on rubber, latex, or vinyl gloves before handling the droppings or urine.
  2. Spray the affected area with a disinfectant or a mix of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water.
  3. Let the solution sit for about 5 minutes to ensure proper disinfection.
  4. Carefully wipe and collect the waste, disposing of it in a sealed garbage bag.
  5. For added caution, disinfect any surrounding items that might have come into contact with the droppings.

Remember, safety measures like wearing gloves and proper disinfection are essential when dealing with rodent waste to prevent the spread of harmful germs.

How to Safely Get Rid of Dead Rodents and Nests

If your bait station or snap trap has successfully caught a rodent, it’s up to you to dispose of it, along with potentially its nest. Similar to handling droppings, take precautions by using gloves and a disinfectant solution when dealing with the rodent or its nest. 

After spraying the affected area, allow the disinfectant to sit for 5 minutes, then carefully dispose of everything in a securely sealed trash bag. Place the bag in an outdoor bin that’s regularly emptied. Always remember to thoroughly wash your hands after handling any rodent waste, nests, or the animals themselves for your safety.

Professional Rodent Cleanup Services

Rats and mice are unpleasant to clean up after, especially if you have to handle their corpses. At Econex, we’re happy to take care of the dirty work for you. Our team can help with everything from setting up traps and preventative measures to cleaning up old nests and safely disposing of rodent messes. We’ll work with you throughout the process to create a rodent control treatment plan that suits your needs and protects your health. Just give us a call to get started!

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