How Long Do Common Pests Live?

There are a lot of pests out there trying to find their way into your home or even just in your yard. They want food, shelter, and water, just like the rest of us. But pests can also carry disease and can cause other issues for your home, so it’s important to try and prevent them as much as possible.

But how long do these pests stick around? Many of them don’t have lifespans even close to humans, but their reproductive rates make that a non-issue for their survival. Keep reading for more information on the lifespans of some of the most common household pests. This information is regarding pests that you may encounter at home that have emerged from the wild, and are not representative of pets or animals in captivity.


Rats: Rats can live about 2 years,

Mice: Mice found in your home typically live between 12 and 18 months, depending on their living conditions.

Voles: These mice look-alikes creatures can live three to six months and sometimes up to a year.


House Fly: House flies rarely live longer than one month.

Fruit Fly: Typical fruit flies can live about 6 weeks.

Spiders: Wild spiders can live about 2 years. In fact, in many species, the female will eat the male after mating.

Mosquito: Most mosquitoes only live a few weeks to a month-long.

Ants: Ants live different lifespans based on their job in the colony. Queen ants can live a few years, while worker ants may live only a few months.

Cockroaches: Though legends may say cockroaches can’t die, they actually only live less than 2 years. However, they are able to live up to a week without their heads!

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