a western fence lizard - an example of an ant eating animal in anaheim california

California is famous for its beautiful natural expanses and diverse wildlife. Its many ecosystems next to one another amount to a wide array of creatures… and a few that have developed a taste for ants. These animals come to rely on ants as an essential part of their diet and can even provide a degree of natural ant control. But which animals in the Anaheim area eat ants? Let’s talk about it.

4 Anaheim Animals that Eat Ants

  • Western BluebirdThe western bluebird, a songbird found throughout California, has a penchant for ants. While their diet primarily consists of insects and berries, ants make up a notable portion. The bluebirds expertly snatch ants from the ground or pluck them from foliage, benefiting from their nutritious value. By consuming ants, these vibrant birds help control ant populations.
  • California Ground SquirrelsThe charismatic California ground squirrels, with their bushy tails and curious nature, are well-known residents of the state. While they consume a range of foods, including seeds and grasses, ground squirrels also relish ants. With their keen sense of smell, they locate ant nests and dig them up, extracting the ant larvae and pupae. Ground squirrels’ appetite for ants aids in regulating ant populations, contributing to a healthy ecosystem.
  • Western Fence LizardThe western fence lizard, often found basking on rocks or tree trunks, is an expert ant predator. These reptiles skillfully capture ants using their quick reflexes and lightning-fast tongue. By actively preying on ants, fence lizards help maintain a balance within ant populations while enjoying a plentiful food source in the California sun.
  • Raccoons – Raccoons, renowned for their tenacity, can be found throughout California’s urban and rural areas. Among their varied diet, raccoons include ants as a part of their menu. Their nimble paws and dexterous fingers allow them to access ant nests, excavating them to feast on the ants within. Raccoons’ appetite for ants contributes to controlling ant populations while showcasing their resourcefulness in finding new food sources.

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