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Spiders can be found year-round inside homes, especially in corners, crevices, and areas with less foot traffic. They often prefer quiet and undisturbed spots like basements, attics, closets, and under furniture. A common myth suggests that spiders are most active during the late summer. Although this misconception might appear plausible, the truth presents a different picture. Different spider species adapt and flourish in response to shifting weather conditions. 


During the summer months, you’ll observe heightened activity in a range of creatures, spiders included. Although different spider species maintain their activity levels throughout the year, their movements and hunting behaviors become more noticeable during the summer season. In search of food, active spiders are more likely to take up residence in your home. To prevent spiders from infiltrating your home,you should consider implementing regular spider pest control practices. 


During the fall season, the offspring from springtime eggs have matured into adult spiders, resulting in more spiders. Fall is also the period when numerous spider species begin their mating season, driving them to explore their surroundings for potential partners. As winter draws near, they actively search for shelters. Those spiders which didn’t lay eggs during spring will now begin seeking shelter to deposit their eggs as winter approaches.


Spiders seek out shelter during the winter. Various locations in your home, such as cracks in walls, attics, and basements provide spiders protection from the cold. Most indoor spiders maintain their regular activities, residing within our heated homes through the winter months. 


As spring brings warmth, spiders that remained hidden throughout the winter months become active. Many female spider species lay eggs in the early months of milder weather, often numbering in the thousands. During this season, it’s crucial to inspect your home for possible entry points that active spiders could enter through.

Eliminate Spiders 

Given that spiders can enter homes at any time of year, it is vital to keep up on your pest control measures and regular inspections. To prevent spiders from becoming unwelcome guests in your home, reach out to the experts at Econex Pest Management!

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