Where Rodents Come From

When we see a mouse or rat in our home, it can be pretty jarring. You may only see one but are left to wonder if there are more on the way or hiding in the shadows.

Where do these rodents come from and what can you do to keep them at bay? The Econex Pest Management team is here to help answer those questions.

Outdoor Environment

Outside of your home, rodents tend to look for the same dark spaces they crave inside your home. But instead of behind your refrigerator or under your oven, it’s underneath vegetation or in bushes.

Some mice also like to burrow in the ground, so be on the lookout for signs of burrowing on your lawn. The closer they get to your home, they’ll start to use different items for shelter. They may go under your deck, in any scrap piles, and around gardens. From here, they’ll start to look for entry points to get inside your home. This could be cracks, pipe and wire holes, and more.

Inside Your Home

Inside your home, there may be some time before you discover a rat or mouse problem. During that time, they may migrate to different areas, looking for food and a dark area for shelter. Many rodent problems originate in the kitchen, as this is the easiest place to find food, and even crumbs will do for rodents looking to survive.

If rodents can establish a home inside your house, you’ll start to see routes of travel as they make trips around looking for food. These routes, along with bite marks, droppings, and fur, are strong indicators of a rodent infestation.

Keeping Rodents at Bay

The Econex Pest Management team is dedicated to keeping your home safe from pests and rodents using effective and safe solutions. Contact us today at (888) 508-4205 to learn more about our method.

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