How to Prevent Ants from Taking Over Your Home

Where there is one ant, there are likely more not far behind. Ants in your home should never be ignored because they always come in groups, and an infestation can go from bad to worse quickly.

That’s why it’s crucial to stop an ant invasion in its tracks before it becomes a bigger problem. Here are some ways to keep ants out of your home, and how to deal with them if they break in.

Keeping it Clean

Keeping your home clean, especially the kitchen, will do wonders to keep ants away. These insects are mainly looking for food and water, and your kitchen has plenty of both. Make sure to clean up any spills, wet or dry, as soon as they occur. This also counts for counter spills and making sure other surfaces are free from food and liquid.

Spills can also be a problem in hard-to-reach areas like in between appliances, under your refrigerator, or under the sink. Set time aside once in a while to clean these areas as well to prevent ants.

Effective Repellents

Some modern ant repellents are full of chemicals, so we suggest consulting with a professional to find a solution before trying these products. You can also try natural remedies such as lemon, orange, pepper, vinegar, and some essential oils.

Using repellents effectively means finding the point of entry for your ant invaders. Do some investigating before applying a repellent, as you want to take care of the problem at the source. Without proper treatment, ants will continue to enter your home.

Don’t Let Ants Become an Unwanted Guest

Ants can go from a nuisance to a disaster fairly quickly. Once they enter, they’ll keep coming back for food and water. Contact the Econex Pest Management team today at (888) 508-4205 for safe and reliable ant control solutions.

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