Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Unless you got them from a shelter or pet store, rodents are never a welcome guest in your home. They’re looking to move in permanently and are hoping to take advantage of the comfortable temperature and free food.

Any time a rodent sets up shop in your home, it’s considered an infestation. But when multiple rodents are camping out, or you get one after another, it can be a serious problem. Here are the signs that your home has a rodent infestation.


Little “gifts” from rodents aren’t very valuable, but they can indicate that an unwelcome creature is living in your home. Droppings are most often found around food packages and in dark hidden spaces like drawers. But droppings can also be along travel routes throughout your home and may indicate where the rodents are hiding out.

If you do find droppings, try to investigate the area and see what you can find. Fresh droppings mean the rodent likely isn’t too far. Dry droppings indicate more time has passed since the rodent was there.

Additionally, look for patterns. Do you keep seeing fresh droppings in the morning around the same spot? That may be just after the rodent decided to look for food. It may also indicate that the rodent or rodents have decided on a reliable pathway.

Chew Marks

Rodents are looking for food, and some non-food items apparently look good enough to eat. You’ll often see chew marks on wires, plants, decorations, and more. You may also see chew marks on furniture and other items around the house. And since rodents are always up for a snack, you may see holes chewed through food packaging inside your cabinets.

Rodents will also chew through pretty much anything, including walls, to create a pathway to travel. Watch for any holes that appear on your walls and seal any openings from the outside.

If you don’t have a pet making these chew marks, be on the lookout for an unwelcome rodent.

Strange Smells

Since rodents aren’t so keen on cleaning, they will travel with a natural odor. You may smell their urine if they’ve started camping out in a hidden, dark area.

Consider paying attention to your pets if you have any, as they will likely investigate these new smells.


While rodents will mostly stay hidden in order to protect themselves and their food, when it’s time to scavenge for more, they will run around your home.

Watch for trails, especially around your kitchen or areas where you suspect they may have gotten in. There may be footprints, droppings, urine, fur, and more. Try following the tracks if they create a clear pathway, and you may find your unwanted guests!

Follow Your Instincts

As a member or owner of a household, you know when things are normal or when something seems off. The best thing to do when suspicious of rodent activity is to trust your instincts and investigate. Sure, it could just be a weird smell, or it could be something much worse. The good news is it only takes a few minutes to investigate and find some answers.

Knowledge and attention are key to managing a rodent infestation. If you see the signs but can’t find the culprits, contact a professional to complete an inspection.

Keep Rodents Out for Good

Rodents can be a threat to your home and health, so you need an efficient and effective pest control team that has your back when rodents try to move in. That’s where the Econex Pest Management team comes in. Contact our pest control experts today at (888) 508-4205.

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