Actual Size: Up to 3 feet long when mature

Characteristics: Furry, gray bodies with a white face and pink nose. Has a prehensile tail that allows them to hang from tree limbs for short periods of time.

Habitat: Mainly lives outdoors in abandoned burrows or nests from other animals. May also invade wall voids, crawl spaces, or attics.


  • Virginia opossums are the only species found in the United States. 
  • Will play dead and emit a foul smell when scared or threatened. 
  • Considered beneficial to the environment for insect and pest control.

Opossums in Anaheim

There are over 100 different types of opossums, but in the United States, you’ll find only one species – the Virginia opossum. These mammals are roughly the size of a large house cat and, despite their frightening appearance, can actually be quite helpful in controlling local insect or snake populations. Opossums are also nomadic, rarely staying in one spot for long. They often make use of abandoned burrows left behind by other animals. Sometimes, they can become a bother to homeowners while searching for food and shelter.

Opossum Habitat

Possums do not dig dens or burrows underground, but they will live in old nests or burrows that have been abandoned. They often wait for other animals to leave their homes before moving in. That said, opossums generally prefer to live in large trees thanks to the protection foliage can provide. Opossums may also enter attics, walls, and crawl spaces of homes if they have access. Many people discover infestations after noticing an unusual and foul odor in their home.

Opossum Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Opossums pose no major threat to humans or pets. Though their teeth look sharp, they’re meant for chewing or holding objects rather than attacking or preying on animals. Opossums will even play “dead” if they feel scared. Since these mammals are nomadic and don’t dig their own burrows, they usually move along before causing any property damage. That said, opossums are not the cleanest of animals and can carry various diseases. Their foul odor can also be extremely unpleasant to deal with. 

If you have opossums in your home or yard, do not approach them on your own. Instead, contact your local wildlife control company for humane removal services. Experts can take the opossums off of your property safely and help you prevent them from coming back.