Actual Size: 4.4 to 6.25”

Characteristics: Brown to dark gray bodies that are hairless; small eyes with a pointed snout and no visible ears.

Habitat: Builds an underground system of tunnels and burrows. Most frequently found in wooded areas, but may also infest farm fields or residential yards.


  • Rarely seen above the ground. 
  • Contributes to insect control and can eat up to 50 lbs of grubs per year.
  • Can ruin yards by disrupting plant roots while burrowing.

Moles in Anaheim

Though many people assume moles are rodents, they’re actually small insect-eating mammals. They’re found all across the United States, from forests and fields to our own backyards. Moles spend most of their time digging and are known for building complex underground tunnel systems. These tunnels often disrupt plant roots, which can make an infestation devastating to your landscape. Since these critters rarely leave their burrows, most people discover they have an infestation after coming across molehills in their yard. 

Mole Habitat

Moles are drawn to wooded areas, but they’re also known for invading backyards or farmlands. These small mammals usually stay underground, using their claws to dig extensive tunnels. Moles are active all year long and spend most of their time feeding on a variety of insects, worms, and other invertebrates. Moles also help with insect control and have even been known to consume up to 50 pounds of insects and grubs in a single year. That said, they can also damage your plants and lead to an uneven, unsightly lawn. Many homeowners also discover lots of molehills after a period of rain, as the moles follow earthworms up to the surface.

Mole Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Because moles rarely leave their underground tunnels and shy away from humans, they’re not considered a threat to our health or safety. That said, their presence can have a negative impact on your yard. Molehills scattered throughout your lawn can make walking and mowing difficult, and the tunnels can damage plant root systems. Other types of rodents, such as meadow voles, may also use the tunnels and begin feeding on your plants.

Getting rid of moles can be tricky, as these pests are seldom seen above the ground. If moles are taking over your property and damaging your landscape, contact a professional wildlife control company for fast removal and long-term protection.