Fox Squirrel


Actual Size: 10 to 15” in length; weighing 1.6 to 2.3 lbs.

Characteristics: Large, bushy tails and reddish-brown bodies

Habitat: Primarily lives outdoors in empty tree cavities, but may also nest in attics, chimneys, or garages.


  • Easily mistaken for red squirrels. 
  • Can transmit diseases such as ringworm to humans. 
  • Known for traveling along utility lines and causing electrical problems.

Fox Squirrels in Anaheim

Though fox squirrels are most common in eastern and central regions of the United States, they’ve also been introduced to cities in the west like Anaheim. These squirrels spend most of the day looking for food and foraging in trees. As omnivores, fox squirrels will eat a wide range of plant material, insects, and in some cases, birds. While these squirrels usually prefer to live in trees outdoors, they may also sneak indoors and build nests in attics, wall voids, chimneys, and other sheltered areas.

Fox Squirrel Habitat

Fox squirrels mainly live in trees, but they prefer savannah-like habitats where the trees are spread far apart and the understory is exposed. Trees in areas like this often have large open cavities that the squirrels can use for nesting and raising their young. That said, fox squirrels are found everywhere from mangrove swamps and hickory forests to urban settings. In cities, these squirrels are infamous for crawling along electric lines and causing power outages.

Fox Squirrel Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Fox squirrels may be cute from a distance, but they can jeopardize your health and cause extensive property damage. In residential spaces fox squirrels frequently dig holes in gardens, bury seeds in lawns, gnaw on telephone cables, and chew their way indoors. Their habit of stripping bark off of trees can cause the trees’ health to deline. In addition to ruining your landscape, fox squirrels put you at a higher risk of experiencing a house fire or contracting a parasite like ringworm. In short, these pests aren’t one you want scampering around your property. 

Like any other small animal, it’s best to contact a professional wildlife control company if you are dealing with fox squirrels. A licensed expert will be able to quickly and safely remove the squirrels and provide you with the tools you need to avoid re-infestation.