Actual Size: 8 to 19” in length; weighing 7 ounces to 14 lbs

Characteristics: Black furry bodies with longitudinal white stripes. Large bushy tails.

Habitat: Drawn to residential areas and are known for building dens or burrows underneath porches, decks, or buildings.


  • Can transmit several deadly diseases, including rabies. 
  • When threatened, skunks will spray a sulfurous compound out of their anus.
  • Attacks beehives to feed on bees, rather than stealing honey.

Skunks in Anaheim

Skunks are usually around the size of a full-grown housecat. These mammals have mostly black fur with distinctive white patches on their head, neck, and bushy tail. Skunks are common all throughout the United States and are infamous for their pungent defense mechanism: a smelly, oily, yellow compound that contains sulfuric acid. Skunks will release this compound from their anus if they feel threatened, and they can accurately hit targets up to 10 feet away. Many people experience nausea in response to the smell, and the compound can cause severe burning or temporary blindness if it makes contact with your eyes.

Skunk Habitat

Most skunks use abandoned animal burrows for shelter. They often take over old squirrel, coyote, or fox dens. However, sku\ks are also attracted to residential environments where there is plenty of food and water. Property owners are most likely to discover a skunk den beneath their porch, deck, or building foundation. If a skunk can’t find a suitable shelter, it may also build its own den. In cold winter weather, these creatures may gather in communal dens to stay warm. 

Skunk Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Skunks are mainly active at night, so their presence around buildings can go unnoticed for quite some time. Most people discover an infestation after the skunk builds a den beneath a porch, deck, or foundation. In some cases, pets may also encounter the skunk, causing them to return home covered in the foul-smelling chemical. If you think your pet has been near a skunk, it’s crucial to take them to the vet immediately, as skunks can carry a wide range of diseases including rabies. 

If you have a skunk on your property, keep your distance. The last thing you want is to be covered in skunk spray or, worse yet, at risk of contracting a disease like rabies. Instead, get in touch with your local wildlife control company for quick and safe removal.