Harvestmen / Daddy Longlegs


Actual Size: 0.6 mm to 23 mm

Characteristics: Long, spindly legs. Small round body with no waist.

Legs: 8

Habitat: In warmer weather, they’re usually found in shaded areas or dark rooms. In the fall, they gather in large numbers on the sides of buildings.


  • Cannot spin webs and are not actually “true spiders”. 
  • Produces a strong odor to repel potential predators. 
  • After falling off, the legs can continue to twitch to ward off predators.

Harvestmen – Daddy Long Legs in Anaheim

Harvestmen, commonly called daddy longlegs, are frequently mistaken for spiders, but they’re not actually true spiders. Unlike spiders, harvestmen don’t have the ability to spin webs because they lack silk glands. Harvestmen get their name from being more visible in late summer and fall during harvest season.They’re known for their very long, thin legs and compact oval bodies. While they can gather in groups near buildings, they are not harmful to humans, animals, structures, or crops and are generally just considered a minor nuisance.

Harvestmen – Daddy Long Legs Habitat

Harvestmen thrive in humid environments and are typically found in caves and forests, where they climb rocks and vegetation.When the weather is warm, you’ll commonly see them on the shaded sides of buildings, under eaves, in crawl spaces, and on trees, whether in rural or urban areas. Come fall, harvestmen often gather in large groups on building walls, moving together like a wriggling mass. While this behavior can be unsettling to predators or homeowners, it’s a natural occurrence.

Harvestmen – Daddy Long Legs Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Harvestmen are helpful predators in gardens as they prey on aphids and other outdoor pests. They don’t bite, produce venom, or pose any risk to humans. However, when threatened or disturbed, they release a peculiar odor that deters potential predators. It’s uncommon to find harvestmen in homes, and because they’re active at night, they can be challenging to spot.

If you’re dealing with an abundance of harvestmen on your property, consider contacting local pest control experts for assistance.