House Mouse


Actual Size: 5 to 8” long including the tail

Characteristics: Brown-gray or black bodies with pink feet and large ears.

Habitat: When outdoors, they usually nest in trees. If they get inside, they try to find sheltered areas like wall voids, garages, or cabinets.


  • Colonies can grow rapidly, with just 24 mice multiplying to 2,000 in a year.
  • Known for transmitting dangerous pathogens that cause diseases like salmonella.
  • Can visit a food source up to 200 times in just one night.

House Mice in Anaheim

House mice are the number one rodent pest in most cities across the United States, including here in Anaheim. These pests are commensal, which means they usually rely on human habitats for shelter and food. House mice are active all year long, though they’re most likely to infiltrate homes and businesses while searching for warmth in the fall or winter. Though these rodents are small, they can cause considerable damage to your property and may endanger your health by contaminating your food sources or cooking surfaces.

House Mouse Habitat

If they nest outdoors, house mice usually stay in fields or beneath trees and shrubs. However, they are more likely to invade houses with ample shelter and plenty of food. Indoors, house mice are drawn to low-traffic areas like wall voids, attics, and garages. These mice usually build nests from finely shredded fibrous material like paper or cloth. Since house mice are shy and mainly active at night, most people discover an infestation after noticing droppings, gnaw marks, or rub marks. 

House Mouse Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Mice may be small, but you should never ignore an infestation. Like most rodents, these pests can transmit serious diseases such as salmonella or the bubonic plague. They can visit your kitchen up to 200 times in a single night, which means they are extremely likely to contaminate your food and cooking sources with their droppings. Additionally, house mice have a habit of gnawing, which can damage your walls or even spark electrical fires. 

If you notice the signs of house mice – or any other type of rodent – on your property, we strongly recommend contacting a professional rodent removal company. House mice can reproduce extremely quickly, and it can be challenging to fully eliminate an infestation without help from an expert.