Deer Mouse


Actual Size: 5 to 8” long including the tail

Characteristics: Distinctive white feet and underbelly with gray or red-brown fur.

Habitat:  Primarily an outdoor pest in rural communities. Often found beneath logs or inside of trees. May also invade attics or basements when the weather is cold.


  • Rarely wanders indoors and prefers dark, secluded nesting sites. 
  • Also called white-footed mice or field mice. 
  • Can transmit the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome to humans.

Deer Mice in Anaheim

Deer mice are a small rodent commonly found in rural communities throughout North America. While they prefer heavily-forested areas, they may also invade other environments like grassy fields or even deserts. Deer mice mainly feed on fruits and nuts, and they usually try to stay away from human activity. While they may seem fairly harmless, deer mice have one major problem: they’re a primary carrier of the Hantavirus, which can be fatal if transmitted to humans.

Deer Mouse Habitat

As nocturnal pests, deer mice spend most of the day sleeping in small cup-shaped nests. These nests are usually made from organic debris like leaves or stems, and they’re often lined with soft material such as feathers or shredded cloth. Deer mice are most common outdoors in rural communities, especially in secluded areas. They usually build nests beneath logs, rocks, or inside of abandoned squirrel nests. Since deer mice don’t hibernate, they may also try to access your basement or wall void when the weather gets cold in wintertime. 

Deer Mouse Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

For the majority of the year, deer mice will try to stay out of your way and remain near their secluded, outdoor nests. However, when the temperature drops in the fall or winter, these small mice may try to get indoors. Since they carry the potentially fatal Hantavirus, indoor infestations can be extremely dangerous to your health. This disease can be transmitted through air-borne urine droplets or infected mouse carcasses, which is why it’s important to contact a professional rodent removal company if you have these pests on your property.