Gnat / Midge (non-biting)


Actual Size: 1/16 to ⅛”

Characteristics: Gray to black with transparent wings.

Legs: 6

Wings: Yes

Antennae: Yes

Habitat: Drawn to bodies of water, which they use as a breeding ground.


  • Infestations can attract spiders, which feed on gnats. 
  • Swarms can look like little drifting clouds. 
  • Frequently confused for mosquitoes, but they don’t bite.

Gnats in Anaheim

The names gnat and midge actually refer to a large number of small, non-biting flies that are found all across the United States. These flies usually reproduce near bodies of water, which they need to lay eggs in. Swarms often contain hundreds or thousands of individual insects, and they can look like small clouds. People often mistake gnats for mosquitoes, which can make swarms disturbing to come across. However, unlike mosquitoes that feed on blood, midges and gnats do not bite or spread disease.

Gnat Fly Habitat

Gnats and midges are most frequently encountered during the spring and summer seasons, and they pose significant challenges around bodies of water such as lakes or rivers. Despite their limited flying abilities, they can be carried long distances in the wind, which allows them to access all sorts of new environments. Many gnats and midges exhibit a strong attraction to light sources, which may cause them to fly toward homes and businesses. It’s worth noting that these tiny insects have a short lifespan, primarily dedicated to mating, egg-laying, and eventually dying.

Gnat Fly Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

While gnats and midges are non-biting insects, their massive populations during peak emergence can create significant disturbances in neighboring residential and industrial zones, resulting in both irritation and property damage. Properties situated near lakeshores and other bodies of water often experience an abundance of these swarming insects. Swarms resemble dense clouds and have the capacity to entirely engulf houses, vehicles, and outdoor furniture. In areas where midges are abundant, spiders may also start to invade.