Asian Cockroach


Actual Size: 16 mm

Characteristics:  Brown in color. Has two distinctive, darker bands running parallel down the body.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings:  Yes, and they are capable of flying.

Habitat:  Drawn to landscapes with compost, leaf litter, mulch, and other organic debris.


  • Often mistaken for German cockroaches, but prefer to live outside. 
  • Occasionally infests homes or businesses, but indoor infestations are rare.
  • Mainly a problem in early spring or summer.

Asian Cockroaches in Anaheim

Asian cockroaches were first identified in the United States by a pest control professional in Florida back in 1986. He originally thought they were German cockroaches, but eventually realized there were a few key differences despite their extremely similar appearances. Unlike German cockroaches, Asian roaches are very strong fliers that can reach 120 feet or more. They also prefer to live outdoors, while German cockroaches are more of an indoor pest.

Asian Cockroach Habitat

Though many cockroach species prefer to live indoors, Asian roaches are attracted to outdoor spaces. They prefer areas with plenty of shelter and organic debris, such as piles of leaves or mulch-filled flowerbeds. Asian cockroaches are most active in early spring and summer, and they mainly come out at nighttime. Since they are attracted to porch and interior lights, they may fly into open windows, which is how most Asian cockroaches end up indoors. However, indoor infestations are fairly rare.

Asian Cockroach Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Because Asian cockroaches tend to stay outdoors, they aren’t as big of a concern as many other species. That said, it’s never pleasant to have cockroaches crawling all over your property – especially if they accidentally wander inside. If they infiltrate your home, they may hide near lights in protected areas like lampshades or wall coverings. When you turn off the lights, Asian cockroaches may also “follow” you into the next lighted room, which can be quite unnerving. 

Worried you might have Asian cockroaches? Contact your local roach exterminators to get rid of them as quickly as possible. In addition to removing the cockroaches, the experts will be able to set up long-term protections across your property to keep them away for good.