Oriental Cockroach


Actual Size: 1 ¼”

Characteristics: Shiny bodies that are dark reddish-brown or black in color.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Yes, but cannot fly.

Habitat: Usually found outside in damp and sheltered areas like sewers, beneath porch steps, or inside cluttered lawns. If indoors, they’re most likely to infest basements or crawl spaces.


  • Considered one of the least sanitary cockroaches. 
  • Has a strong, pungent odor. 
  • Known for traveling along sewer lines or drains.

Oriental Cockroaches in Anaheim

The oriental cockroach, also known as the black beetle or water bug, is a significant household nuisance in the northwest, mid-west, and southern United States. This type of roach is attracted to damp and shaded areas around the edges of buildings, favoring the darkness and moisture found in cellars or basements. They have a tendency to climb water pipes to access upper levels of houses or apartment buildings. Oriental cockroaches also feed on various types of waste and decaying organic material, with a particular love for garbage and old contents from discarded tin cans. 

Oriental Cockroach Habitat

Oriental cockroaches are most active during the warmer months and are generally spotted in Anaheim between May and July. They’re drawn to warm, damp, and shaded areas that are ground-level, though they may try to climb up water pipes and air ducts to get upstairs. When outside, oriental cockroaches typically congregate near dumpsters. Many people accidentally carry these roaches indoors on food packaging, but the cockroaches may also sneak indoors through small openings like air ducts. Since oriental roaches prefer warm and damp areas, they’re usually found near bathtubs, sinks, water heaters, and pipes.

Oriental Cockroach Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Though oriental cockroaches are not aggressive and are not known to cause serious property damage, they can still be a major hazard to your health. By scavenging through trash or crawling along sewer lines, these roaches can collect all sorts of harmful bacteria – including E. coli and salmonella. If they walk over your countertops or through your pantry, they could cause serious illness. Some people also have allergic or asthmatic responses if cockroaches are nearby.

Don’t let oriental cockroaches take over your property and jeopardize your health. If you notice the signs of an infestation, contact a licensed cockroach exterminator for help.