Actual Size: ¾ to 1”

Characteristics:  Large and fuzzy bodies that are usually black with white or yellow bands.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Habitat:  Typically nests in the ground, but may also invade attics or patio areas.


  • Key pollinators that are crucial to the environment but produce little honey.
  • Unlike other species of bees, bumblebees don’t die after stinging. 
  • Look similar to carpenter bees, but have very fuzzy abdomens.

Bumblebees in Anaheim

Despite being equipped with a stinger, bumblebees are considered one of the more peaceful insects in Anaheim. They primarily live underground and spend their time flying from flower to flower for pollen. According to the National Wildlife Federation, they can beat their wings up to 130 times per second, resulting in a vibration that causes plants to release their pollen. This process of “buzz” pollination helps plants produce more fruit, making bumblebees an important part of our local ecosystem. Their bodies are large and covered in fuzz, with short stubby wings that produce an audible humming sound. 

Bumblebee Habitat

Bumblebees typically live in small colonies consisting of just a few hundred workers. Most colonies build nests beneath the ground in abandoned rodent burrows or shallow excavations beneath objects like compost piles or firewood stacks. If they nest above the ground, they usually take over hollow areas that provide plenty of shelter, such as old bird nests or structural voids found along patios, decks, and exterior walls.

Bumblebee Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Though female bumblebees are capable of stinging, these insects are not aggressive and will only sting if they are mishandled or sense a threat to their nest. Unlike honeybees, bumblebees can sting multiple times in a row – however, they do not form swarms like other types of stinging insects. Bumblebee stings are not particularly painful, but they can be dangerous if they are located near the head or if an individual is allergic. 

Since these insects will attack if they feel threatened, it’s best to leave bumblebee nest removal to qualified professionals. Experts have the tools and experience needed to quickly and safely eliminate the nest from your property while preserving our important pollinators.