Fire Ant


Actual Size: ⅛” to ⅜”

Characteristics: Blackish to red in color. Fire ants have a stinger in their abdomen.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings:  Reproductive females and males are winged.

Habitat: Builds nests in soil, often in sunny areas near gardens or structural foundations.


  • Infamous for a highly painful bite and sting. 
  • Has a stinger located on their abdomen. 
  • Feeds on plants and seeds, but may also attack small animals.

Fire Ants in Anaheim

Nobody wants to come across the dreaded fire ants. These pests are aptly named for their extremely painful bite and sting. A single ant can sting and bite repeatedly, which is why it’s so dangerous to disrupt a mound. Fire ants are coordinated and hundreds of workers will make their way to the surface of the mound to sting or bite at the same time. Though these ants are primarily known for their aggression, they are also scavengers that will feed on almost any animal, plant, or insect. 

Fire Ant Habitat

Fire ants establish colonies by building mounds to help regulate moisture levels and temperature. The ants use the mounds as above-ground nurseries, which are often placed in sunny areas with easy access to water. For that reason, fire ant nests are frequently found near well-watered lawns, rivers, and irrigated fields. Though these ants primarily live outdoors, they have also been known to build nests in wall voids or crawl spaces. When foraging for food, more aggressive fire ants may sneak indoors through cracks in the foundation or gaps beneath doors and windows. 

Fire Ant Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Fire ant stings are incredibly painful, and these aggressive pests are a threat to both humans and pets. Though the burning sensation of the sting usually goes away within a few minutes, hive-like bumps will start rising about half an hour later. Within 24 hours of the sting, most people will experience painful pimples filled with yellow fluid. 

Since fire ants often build nests near parks, playgrounds, and home foundations, they are a constant problem for residents in Anaheim. These pests pose a particular threat to families with small children who like to play outdoors. Since fire ants are capable of delivering such a painful sting, we strongly recommend seeking help from a professional ant exterminator if you come across them on your property. Experts have the tools and experience needed to safely remove fire ants and prevent them from returning.