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At Econex Pest Management, we protect your home from pests and love what we do. We understand how overwhelming a pest infestation can be and are committed to handling every pest problem for you. From the moment you call us until our service is complete, you can count on us to provide seamless service and an exceptional customer experience.

Our pest control and removal services in Fullerton, CA include:

No job is too big or too small for Econex Pest Management to take on. Our highly trained technicians are equipped with top-quality products and advanced technology to rid your home of pests and prevent them from returning in the future.

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Is Regular Pest Control Necessary?

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that pest control is a one-time process. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Pests can make their way into your home at any time of the year, making regular pest control incredibly important.

5 reasons why pest control is necessary include:

  1. It prevents food contamination
  2. It keeps your family safe from pest-borne illnesses and diseases
  3. It prevents property damage
  4. It is far more safe and effective than DIY pest control
  5. It provides peace of mind

A well-kept home can reduce the risk of an infestation, but it cannot eliminate it. Even the cleanest of homes can attract pests who are desperate for food, water, shelter, or mates. For these reasons, we urge you to schedule regular pest control with Econex Pest Management. Our Fullerton pest control experts are sure to treat your entire home, so you can say goodbye to your pest problems once and for all.

Do I Have Rodents?

Because rodents can spread illnesses, contaminate your food, and cause extensive property damage, you should familiarize yourself with the signs of an infestation. Unfortunately, these pests are great at avoiding contact with humans, which means you can’t rely on rodent sightings alone.

Below are some of the most common signs of a rodent infestation:

  • Nests made out of insulation, trash, and other random items
  • Holes in your floorboards or walls
  • Chewed wires
  • Strong, musty odors
  • Small, dark droppings
  • Tampered food packaging
  • Grease or dirt smudges along countertops or walls
  • Scurrying sounds in the attic at night
  • Erratic pet behavior

Think you’ve got rats or mice? Econex Pest Management is here to help. Our Fullerton pest control team is skilled at locating, identifying, treating, and removing rodents from your home. We are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the efficient and effective service you deserve.

What Are Signs The Of A Pest Infestation?

The 15 major warning signs of a pest infestation include:

  • Unusual sounds coming from walls or ceilings
  • Droppings or urine stains on surfaces
  • Chewed holes in food packaging or furniture
  • Seeing live pests running around
  • Dead pest bodies
  • Strong, musty odors
  • Nests or burrows on your property
  • Gnaw marks on wood or electrical wires
  • Damage to plants or crops
  • Discarded insect shells or molted animal skins
  • Unexplained pet behavior changes
  • High pest activity near food sources
  • Frustration and stress over constantly cleaning up pest messes
  • Swarm of insects near a light source at night

Seeking help from a pest control professional or exterminator. If you notice any of these signs, it's important to take action quickly to prevent further damage and health risks from pest infestations. Contact our pest control experts in Fullerton today for assistance in getting rid of the problem. Don't let pests take over your home or business - stay vigilant and address infestations as soon as they are noticed.

Remember – prevention is key! Keep your space clean, seal off potential entry points, and store food properly to deter pest activity in the first place. Taking these preventive measures can save you the headache of a full-blown infestation down the road.

Why Choose Econex Pest Management?

As a family-owned and operated company, Econex Pest Management understands the importance of a safe and comfortable home. That’s why our team uses the safest and most environmentally friendly materials in the industry. With every treatment, we adhere to the highest standards in workmanship and service to ensure your loved ones and pets are safe and protected against all of the most common pest invaders.

Our pest treatment and removal process are incredibly thorough. We are sure to treat all areas of your home, including the:

  • Exterior foundation
  • Exterior perimeter
  • Eaves
  • Garage
  • Interior

Don’t settle for anything less than the stellar service you deserve. Choose Econex Pest Management to take care of your pest problems are rest assured we always get the job done right.

For pest control in Fullerton, call Econex Pest Management at (888) 508-4205. We look forward to protecting your home and family!

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