Actual Size: 13.5 inches; 10-13 oz in weight

Characteristics: Short, slender bills. Blue and gray coloration with varied patterns.

Habitat: Nests on windows, traffic lights, and other residential areas near humans.


  • Also commonly referred to as rock doves or rock pigeons. 
  • Can transmit diseases such as salmonellosis, candidiasis, and cryptococcosis.
  • Peak mating season happens in spring and fall, but they are year-round breeders.

Pigeons in Anaheim

Pigeons are found all across the world, especially in man-made environments like parks or urban landscapes. These birds are active year-round and are highly adaptable, but they’re most likely to infest areas with lots of buildings that provide shelter and areas to roost. Pigeons are considered one of the most troublesome birds in cities. Between their excrement, messy nests, and ability to spread harmful diseases, they’re not a bird you want roosting in or near your property.

Pigeon Habitat

In the wild, pigeons live up to their nickname of rock doves – they’re often found near large, rocky cliffs. However, urban areas have become a more popular nesting place for pigeons thanks to the numerous sources of food and shelter. They’re known for nesting in areas like roofs, window ledges, billboards, and beneath bridges. Though pigeons prefer to consume grains and seeds, they will also scavenge through garbage to find all sorts of other food products. Since pigeons are very adaptable and can breed year-round, many home and business owners struggle to get rid of an infestation once it has taken hold. 

Pigeon Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Feral pigeons are considered one of the most dangerous birds to public health because of the diseases they can spread. Not only that, but pigeon infestations are very unsightly. Because they often roost in large numbers, their droppings can deface and accelerate the deterioration of man-made structures. In some cases, there can be so much excrement that it clogs drains and waterways, leading to widespread contamination. Additionally, pigeons can carry parasites like ticks, lice, and mites. In short, pigeons aren’t a pest you want anywhere near your home or business. 

Though many people feel tempted to handle an infestation on their own, doing so could put your health and safety at risk. Always contact a professional bird removal company to get rid of the pigeons quickly. A licensed expert will also be able to develop a treatment plan that protects your property against these pests long-term.