Varied Carpet Beetle


Actual Size: 2 to 3 mm

Characteristics: Oval-shaped bodies that are black in the center with an irregular pattern of white, brown, and yellow scales.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Yes, and they can fly.

Habitat: Often infests households to feed on dead insects and items like wool or carpeting.


  • Omnivorous beetles that eat both plant and animal products.
  • Known for ruining belongings like wool carpet or stuffed animals. 
  • Are strong fliers that often get indoors through open windows.

Varied Carpet Beetles in Anaheim

True to their name, the varied carpet beetle is known for eating all sorts of household items – including carpeting. Thanks to the various colors on their backs, these beetles can easily blend in with the natural fibers as they seek food and shelter. Most people notice the larvae before the adult beetles, as the larvae are striped and covered in furry bristles. As the larvae grow up, they will shed their “shells” and leave them behind, which is another key sign of an infestation. 

Varied Carpet Beetle Habitat

Since varied carpet beetles can feed on both plant and animal material, they live in a wide range of places. When outdoors, female beetles often nest in abandoned spider webs, bird nests, or bee hives. The larvae will feed on any dead insects, feathers, pollen, and debris in the nest. However, varied carpet beetles often infest households, especially in the spring or early summer. Though one or two beetles may be helpful by cleaning up dead insects, an infestation could lead to property damage.

Varied Carpet Beetle Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

As scavengers, varied carpet beetles thrive in a wide range of environments. When indoors, they typically start by feeding on dead insect remains, which makes them more common in attics or basements. However, once they run out of dead insects to eat, they may start to chew up rugs, paintings, book bindings, and wool-based products. While they eat, the varied carpet beetles will also lay eggs, which allows infestations to spread throughout your home quickly. If you notice these beetles in your space, call a professional beetle removal company to remove them before they can cause more damage to your belongings.