Powderpost Beetle

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Actual Size: ⅛ to ¼” in length

Characteristics: Narrow bodies that are reddish-brown or black.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Yes, and they are strong fliers.

Habitat: Lives and breeds in dried hardwoods such as furniture, flooring, or trim. May also infest dead tree branches.


  • Wood-destroying pests that cause almost as much damage as termites. 
  • Cannot infest or lay eggs in sealed wood. 
  • Leaves behind a fine sawdust while boring into timber.

Powderpost Beetles in Anaheim

The term “powderpost beetle” refers to a wide category of beetles that eat and live inside of hardwoods. These pests are second only to termites in terms of how much damage they cause to timber each year. There are several species of powderpost beetles found across the United States, but each is capable of destroying wooden structures or products. Most powderpost beetles stay deep inside of the wood they infest, but you may have an infestation if you notice fine sawdust or pencil-sized holes in the surface of wood. 

Powderpost Beetle Habitat

Powderpost beetles live and feed on hardwoods, so they’re usually found in dead tree limbs or wooden structures. If they invade your property, powderpost beetles may also chew through things like support beams, furniture, or wood trim. They are most likely to infest woods like oak, hickory, walnut, and ash. These beetles typically avoid soft, sealed, or varnished wood. After finding a suitable place to live, female powderpost beetles will lay about 50 eggs at a time into the pores of the wood. The larvae feed on the wood immediately after hatching and will emerge one to five years later in the spring as adults. Adult powderpost beetles typically die after a year. 

Powderpost Beetle Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Though they are not considered harmful to human health, powderpost infestations can pose a significant threat to your property and eventually your safety. Like termites, these pests consume and lay eggs inside of wood. Over time, they can destroy your furniture, flooring, or important supportive structures. Since powderpost beetles mainly stay inside of the wood, it can be challenging to identify an infestation before it’s caused serious damage. If you’re worried that powderpost beetles are taking over your property, get in touch with a beetle control company as quickly as possible. An expert will be able to swiftly identify and eliminate an infestation while preventing the beetles from coming back in the future.