Cigarette Beetle

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Actual Size: 2 to 3 mm

Characteristics: Shiny bodies with reddish-brown coloration. Small, round, and squat beetles.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Yes, and adults are strong fliers.

Habitat:  Gets their name from their affinity for dried tobacco products. Also invades homes or food storage warehouses to feed on dried pantry goods.


  • Often mistaken for the “drugstore” beetle.
  • Capable of destroying large amounts of dried food products. 
  • Adults lay eggs directly on food so larvae can eat immediately after hatching.

Cigarette Beetles in Anaheim

Cigarette beetles are found across the globe, including right here in Anaheim. These pests are infamous for damaging dried and stored tobacco, along with a number of other pantry items. Though cigarette beetles are often found on dried tobacco leaves, they never infest the plants themselves. Instead, they are more likely to chew through books, stacks of paper, furniture upholstery, and other organic materials. With how warm the weather can get in Anaheim, we may experience three generations of cigarette beetles per year.

Cigarette Beetle Habitat

Since they are such strong fliers, cigarette beetles are active even on breezy and cloudy days. They are year-round pests that will infest pantries and warehouses no matter the season, so long as they contain plenty of dried food. It’s easy to accidentally carry cigarette beetles into your home via contaminated pantry products from an infested grocery store. While cigarette beetles are most famous for eating tobacco, they are capable of damaging all sorts of pantry or household items.

Cigarette Beetle Behaviors, Threats or Dangers

Cigarette beetles are not considered medically dangerous to humans or pets. However, nobody wants bugs crawling all over their food. These beetles are the last thing you want to find eating away at your pantry, pet food, furniture, or books. Whether you own a food storage warehouse or you’re a homeowner who wants to keep their property bug-free, professional pest control is the best course of action when it comes to cigarette beetles.