Camel Cricket


Actual Size: ½ to 1.5”

Characteristics: Tan to dark brown with darker bands on the back legs. Long antennae.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: No

Habitat: Drawn to dark and damp environments, such as basements or crawl spaces.


  • Usually lives for about two years. 
  • These pests don’t chirp and are actually more related to katydids than crickets. 
  • Can jump high into the air when frightened.

Camel Crickets in Anaheim

Camel crickets are named for the hump on their backs that looks like a camel’s hump. They’re also known as “cave crickets” or “land shrimp.” Interestingly, they’re closer relatives to katydids than to actual crickets, and unlike crickets, they don’t make chirping sounds. These crickets can be found all across the United States and tend to come into homes when the weather’s hot and dry. They’ve been seen munching on clothes and lace curtains. Because they’re fairly big and can jump quickly, they can be quite unsettling for homeowners.

Camel Cricket Habitat

Camel crickets like places that are damp and dark. Outdoors, you can find them in places like leaf piles, under logs or rocks, in tree holes, hollow logs, or even stacks of firewood – anywhere that’s cool and damp. Sometimes, when it gets colder in the fall, they might wander into homes looking for a warm spot to spend the winter. You can often find them in places like crawl spaces or basements, and sometimes there can be quite a few of them. But they might also end up in living areas, garages, and storage rooms. Interestingly, camel crickets can even be found in attics above two-story homes in large numbers.

Camel Cricket Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Camel crickets are harmless; they don’t carry diseases and don’t bite. However, they can be quite bothersome if they get inside your home. They may damage houseplants, clothing, and fabrics. These crickets are active at night, so homeowners often see them when they turn on the lights in a dark room in the evening. When they feel threatened, camel crickets can jump quite high, which can be unsettling when you’re switching on the lights in places like basements or garages.

Dealing with a camel cricket problem? Get in touch with your local insect exterminators to get them out of your home or business quickly.