Big Brown Bat


Actual Size:  Wingspan of 12-13” with a body 4-5” long.

Characteristics: Light belly fur with copper coloration. Broad nose with black wings and black, round ears.

Habitat:  Found all across the United States in habitats ranging from meadows and forests to deserts and mountains. Drawn to caves and sheltered areas.


  • Common pests in Anaheim with colonies ranging from 20-300 individual bats. 
  • Insectivores that prefer beetles but will also eat moths, flies, wasps, and more. 
  • Hibernate from November to early springtime.

Big Brown Bats in Anaheim

Big brown bats are a common pest in North America, and Anaheim is no different. They are highly adaptable and can be found in large cities, suburban areas, and wooded environments. These bats primarily eat beetles, using their powerful jaws to break through the hard exoskeleton, but they are also known for eating a wide variety of other insects. Most big brown bat colonies contain between 20-300 individuals. While the bats can live for a long time, many will die of malnutrition in their first winter while hibernating. 

Big Brown Bat Habitat

Big brown bats are known for withstanding conditions that other types of bats cannot, which is why they’re found in such a wide range of habitats across the country. From cities and suburbs to meadows, deserts, and forests, these bats will live pretty much anywhere as long as there’s a cave or sheltered area. In the wild, they usually hibernate in caves or mines. However, as temperatures drop in the fall, big brown bats in urban or suburban areas may sneak into attics or abandoned buildings to hibernate in small groups until spring. 

Big Brown Bat Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

As nocturnal creatures, big brown bats usually stay hidden from busy areas. They are also helpful to the environment – especially in agricultural communities – because they help control harmful insect populations. However, big brown bats can still be a threat to human health. If they roost or nest in human structures, they can spread serious diseases. Should you ever come across a big brown bat in your home or business, never attempt to approach or handle it yourself. Instead, contact a professional pest control company. Experts have the tools and expertise needed to quickly and safely remove the bat from your space, minimizing your risk of contracting a potentially deadly illness.