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Rat & Mouse Control in Yorba Linda To Keep Rodents Away for Good

Have you recently seen a mouse in the attic? Spotted a rat in the kitchen? Dealing with a rodent problem on your own can be extremely difficult. Sure, you can buy traps and hope for the best, but traps are only effective in certain scenarios. Plus, where there is one rodent, there are often more behind, meaning it could benefit you to schedule service with a professional.

At Econex Pest Management, we offer rodent control in Yorba Linda to protect your entire home or business from rats and mice. Since 1998, we have gone above and beyond to ensure that local property owners receive the dedicated services they deserve. Our family-owned and operated business delivers the affordable rodent treatment you need quickly and efficiently. Our mission is complete satisfaction, so if you are ever unhappy with our work, just let us know, and we will do everything we can to make things right.

Mouse Control

At Econex Pest Management, we offer mouse control to effectively put a stop to infestations without putting anyone in your property at risk. Our control, treatment, and extermination methods are safe and non-toxic for pets, children, and everyone else, plus we offer exclusion work to prevent an infestation from reoccurring. Remember, mice leave droppings that carry disease and can tear up wiring, in turn causing damage to your electrical system. So if you suspect you are dealing with a mouse problem, do not hesitate to call us for an inspection right away.

Rat Control

Econex Pest Management proudly offers rat control for getting rid of both Norway rats and roof rats. While you are more likely to find Norway rats inside your home, it is possible for roof rats to enter your property by making their way from wires that pass above your structure, and then crawling in through the attic or elsewhere on the roof. Once we have finished our rat control process, we may be able to perform exclusion as well, to keep these rodents away from your property. We always suggest sealing cracks and holes throughout your house as much as possible, as rats are extremely crafty, and will look for entry points wherever they can find them.

No one should have to put up with a nasty rodent problem, so whether your property is big or small, whether you are dealing with a few unwanted guests or a huge infestation, you can count on Econex Pest Management to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

When you hire our Yorba Linda rodent control team, you get:

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Upfront and honest prices
  • 100% satisfaction, guaranteed

For rodent control in Yorba Linda call Econex Pest Management at (888) 508-4205.

We Value Your Comfort

  • We Take Pride on Our Ability to Serve Families
  • Also Treating and Controlling Landscape Pests
  • Offering Fully Comprehensive Services
  • Family-Owned & Operated for Over 20 Years
We use the safest and most environmentally friendly-materials in the industry. 

Yorba Linda Rodent Control Company You Can Trust

Signs You Need Rodent Control

1. Droppings - As rats and mice are voracious scavengers, they'll leave their droppings around their food source or on the way. Look in the back of your cabinets and also know that rats have very weak bladders and their urine leaves a noticeable smell.

2. New holes in screens and trash cans - Especially as the winter gets colder, rats and mice become more and more desperate for food. If you see any new holes in your screens or trash, call in our Yorba Linda rodent control team.

3. Noises at night - As rodents are night time scavengers, they'll scratch and claw their way around your home throughout the night and may make some noises in doing so.

4. Day time sightings - Any sightings during the day should be an alert to call in our rodent control team. They're active at night in search of food, but if they're being seen in the day time that means they're nesting nearby.

5. Signs of a nest - Rats and mice like to nest in encapsulated spaces that are protected from sunlight and predators. Check vents and cabinets or anywhere you think is susceptible to nesting.

Call Econex Pest Management

Living through a rodent infestation can be extremely trying, but Econex Pest Management promises to restore the health and safety of your property and get everything back to normal as soon as possible. Consider signing up for our All Season Protection Plan today, and get comprehensive rodent protection all year-long. We also offer in-person and over-the-phone consultations in order to make things as possible for you. Do not wait until your rodent problem gets out of control. Call Econex Pest Management today, and say goodbye to rodents for good.

Benefits of hiring Econex Pest Management for rodent control include:

  • Available deals and specials
  • Free estimates
  • Experienced technicians with fully stocked service trucks

To schedule an appointment with our Yorba Linda rodent control experts in Riverside, Mission Viejo, San Diego, and surrounding areas, dial (888) 508-4205, or send us a message online.

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