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Did you know that fleas affect more than just pets? That’s right—these nasty insects can bite people, too. That’s why Econex Pest Management provides Yorba Linda flea control services for all types of homes and businesses. Backed by 20 years of industry experience, you can trust us to take care of your flea problem right the first time.

Our technicians are highly trained to provide the best pest control, treatment, extermination, and exclusion options available, in order to get rid of infestations and keep them from reoccurring in the future. With all the latest tools and technology in our arsenal, you can trust our methods to deliver the very best results. And with upfront and honest prices, our family-owned business is the company can trust whenever you need pest control for fleas in Yorba Linda.

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When to Call for Flea Control in Yorba Linda

Traditionally, a flea infestation will occur because your dog or cat brings these insects into your home. However, this is not the only way a flea infestation can happen. Fleas need the blood of a host to survive, so they will look for any animal they can attach themselves to. They may then move from one host to another in order to survive. So if, for instance, you have a rodent problem, and you get rid of the rodents in your home, any fleas that were on those rodents may then attach themselves to your pets to keep feeding.

Fleas leave their hosts with swollen, itchy marks, that can cause allergic reactions in people and may even transmit several diseases. While they do bite people, they tend to survive off animal blood, which is why your furry friends are most at risk. For the health and well-being of your pets and everyone else in your household, it is important to call for professional flea control right away if you suspect a problem.

Signs you may be dealing with a flea infestation in Yorba Linda include:

  • Erratic Behavior in Pets: Oftentimes, the first sign that you’ve got a flea problem is strange behavior in your pets. This usually includes constant scratching and grooming, in an attempt to remove these painful insects from the animal’s body.
  • Bites on People or Pets: If you have noticed itchy bite marks on yourself or your animals, and you have ruled out bed bugs, ticks, and other biting pests as the problems, then it’s possible fleas are the source of the issue. It is a good idea to consult a medical professional, such as a veterinarian or a doctor, if you are trying to identify exactly what flea bites look like.
  • Flea Dirt Around Your House: Flea feces, typically known as “flea dirt,” may start getting left behind in various places around your home if a flea infestation occurs. Flea dirt looks a bit like ground black pepper, and is often found in pet beds, carpets, rugs, and other spots where your animals rest.
  • Flea Eggs Around Your House: Once fleas have invaded your home, you may start to notice flea eggs, larvae, and pupae in various places. Common spots to spot flea eggs include behind/under/in the furniture, in your pet's bedding, in the cracks and grooves of your flooring, and in your carpeting.
  • Visible Fleas: A lot of people don’t know it, but fleas are relatively easy to see in their adult age. While they will burrow themselves into your pets’ fur and hide out for as long as possible, they can often be spotted when you return to your home after a long absence, as they will start jumping onto any available host to feed. While they are extremely small, you can recognize these insects by looking for little brown and black dots.

Trust Econex Pest Management to Get the Job Done Right

At Econex Pest Management, our Yorba Linda flea control company wants everyone to be able to afford our quality services. That’s why we offer a number of deals and specials to suit every budget. We also provide free estimates, in person or over the phone, for your convenience. Since 1998, we have gone above and beyond to deliver outstanding services, and we have a great reputation to prove it. Plus with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, it’s pretty much impossible to walk away unsatisfied when you’ve got Econex Pest Management on your side!

Econex Pest Management is available by phone at (888) 508-4205, or you can contact us online. Spanish-speaking services available upon request.

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